Summer Edition


Classical Period Music

PVMC-SE celebrates the Classical Period Music


A Video Audition Only

Applicants may choose to upload a YouTube link or a video file (mov, mp4)  

No live audition

Accepts All Instruments, voices and ensembles

Application Deadline  

AUGUST 27, 2022


Late application submission:

August 31, 2022

Non-refundable application fee:

Solo $150

Ensemble $100/each member

Late application fee $40

  • When applying for more than one category or instrument, each requires a separate application form and fee

  • It is your responsibility to check the deadlines for application forms and YouTube link/Video file submissions

  • Applications or submissions will not be accepted after the deadline

  • The age is determined by August 31, 2022

  • All fees are non refundable



Ages 7 - 24

      Group 1:  Age 7-10

      Group 2: Age 11-13

      Group 3: Age 14-17

      Group 4: Age 18-24

For ALL Instruments, Vocalists & Ensembles*

* Ensemble members: no more than 12 people per group


Audition Results will be announced through our website on September 6, 2022

  • All judging is done through video submission

  • Judging will take place on September 1, 2022

  • Multiple winners will be chosen in each of following age groups

  • Judges' comments will not be provided

  • Judges’ decisions are final

  • No time limit 


  • Applicants must choose a repertoire from the CLASSICAL period for the audition

  • Vocalists may choose ONE song from the following repertoire categories:

            Opera aria

            Classical repertoire 

            NO Folk/Traditional

            NO Broadway/Musical Theatre/Jazz

            Pop repertoire is NOT acceptable

  • No arranged music. No repeats should be taken at either audition or recital

  • There is NO CHANGING of repertoire under any circumstances

  • All auditions must be performed from memory. Music for the ensembles does not have to be memorized

  • Participants are strongly recommended to record a video with their own accompanist.

  • A hire list of local accompanists will be provided via e-mail once requested


Cash Awards up to $3,000
  • No Winners Recital

  • All winners will receive a Certificate by E-mail in PDF format (free of charge).

  • Winners may purchase a Competition Winner’s Package with a non-refundable $90 fee. (For non US address: additional $40 shipping & handling will be charged) The Package includes Winner’s Certificate (printed) & Medal and Teacher’s Diploma which will be shipped. For Ensemble applicants: Additional charge of $20 per each member will apply.

      Up to top two winners of Group 1       $200

      Up to top two winners of Group 2      $300

      Up to top two winners of Group 3      $400

      Up to top two winners of Group 4      $600




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